Sunday, 28 February 2010

Croatian Lamb on a Spit

This month has seen few opportunities for any decent fire food experiences at home. Fortunately I spent a week on business in Croatia and was thrilled to find that the ultimate all year round local favourite is roasted lamb on a spit know as janjetina. Mostly seen at roadside restaurants, the wood burning ovens and spits on display are too enticing to be missed.

Slightly salty, meltingly tender and served simply with fresh bread and a leaf salad dressed with vinegar and olive oil, this one is up there with my all time favourites.

My mission this year is to do one in the garden for an as yet unspecified special occasion.

Having no decent photos of my own, I did some web research and came across a Croatian foodie's blogsite where there is a wealth of information about janjetina. This is where the photo came from. Maninas: Food Matters is a must see. The posting on janjetina is entertaining and informative. My compliments to the writer/photographer.
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