Thursday, 11 December 2008

Beef Fillet on the Braai

Our first night on holiday in Cape Town and the balcony and barbeque were calling, particularly since we had just spent the previous weeks in an icy English winter.

Shopping for provisions on our first afternoon took us to a Spar shop in Hout Bay, not far from our apartment in Llandudno. The selection of fresh meat was intoxicating. I super indulged and walked out with an entire beef fillet weighing about a kilo for an immoral R150, roughly a tenner.

I cut the fillet across the grain into thickish chunks, tossed the pieces in a bit of oil and rubbed them with some freshly ground pepper. Very simply, they were grilled over the hot coals for a few minutes each side until slightly charred and then placed on a plate and covered with foil for 10 or 15 minutes until we were ready to eat.

As the pieces of fillet relaxed under the foil, some of the juices were released and used as a simple dressing for the grilled meat. I served it with sweetcorn, a small local squash also cooked on the braai, and a green salad.

Four of us devoured the entire fillet (well three really, as Luca ate very little), and I don’t feel guilty at all although I’m sure I will soon. The beef was tender, moist, and slightly pink in the centre. Truly indulgent. The setting helped, I have to say. I thoroughly recommend the apartment we stayed in. Check it out at Sunset Rocks Accommodation.

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