Monday, 6 April 2009

Aussie Damper Bread on a Stick - 1974

Shortly after posting my most recent article, Aussie Damper Bread on a Stick (see below), a memory emerged of a photograph I had in an old and treasured album from the 1970's. My picture of it was a bit hazy, but I knew there was one of me with damper bread aged 10 or so.

I trawled through our bookshelves, asked my Mum in Australia to do the same, and eventually found the album in a box buried deep in our loft. The photo's were there, but did not look quite like I had remembered.

They were taken one weekend (of many) in the Australian winter at my best friend Pete's farm near Margaret River in the south west. The slightly strange tint can be credited to the Kodak Instamatic I also treasured at the time. Pete's older brother Andy has his state of the art transistor radio proudly placed in the foreground. I had placed my damper carefully on a rock (to the left) so I could take the photo.

The photo at the top is me firefoodie, in my formative years, subconsciously preparing myself for this article some 35 years in the future. The dual exposure effect is one of those unexpected treats only a Kodak Instamatic could deliver.

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Bracks said...

Oh, dad! Haven't changed a bit ;)


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