Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Beetroot Braised in Vinegar and Mint

This is great side dish to accompany any main course menu. Wrapped in foil, this simply sits below the rotisserie, baking slowly for up to 2 hours.

Fresh beetroot seems to be everywhere at the moment and I can't resist a bargain at the markets on a Saturday. I ended up with loads of the stuff which is fine because it lasts for ages. For two consecutive weekend dinner parties I served it as a side dish and it almost out did the main event.

Peel each beet and if too big, cut in half. Bunch the pieces up on a large piece of foil, turn up the edges so you can pour in a few dashes of cider vinegar (or any other vinegar), dump in a handful of fresh mint leaves and seal up the parcel. An extra layer of foil helps just in case there are any tiny holes for the liquid to escape.

I put the parcel between the charcoal fires under the rotisserie, but you could put them anywhere where they would benefit from a long slow cook near embers. Basically, the equivalent of a medium oven for up to two hours.

The beetroot ends out soft but firm and the flavour of the vinegar and mint absorbs into the beets beautifully. Aromatic, pretty and delicious.

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