Sunday, 31 January 2010

Things To Do With Firefoodie's Christmas Chilli

Since handing out dozens of jars of Christmas Chilli recently, I've been getting all sorts of comments and ideas on what can be done with it. At our house, it's on the table with almost every meal. Our favourites (and some from our friends) for this special condiment are:

- Bangers and mash

- Penne alla arrabiata

- Fishermans' pie

- Chinese stir fry

- Chilli con carne

- Curries

- Pizza

- Brodo

- Anything Mexican

Now, as an ingredient, it's another thing. Our 16 year old son Charlie expects it in his sandwiches every day, and I love it in cheese toasties. Use it in the classic comfort dish Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino for example and you can't go wrong.

Anything with cheese or potato seems to be an overriding theme. It has a distinctive taste and aroma, far more than just a chilli kick!

We're down to our last jar and it's only January. I can see another order being placed for a box of chillies at the local market before too long.

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