Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 New Year Chilli

2014 was a poor year for this little blog.. not a single post. Shame on you firefoodie. Bizarrely however, the sites visitor numbers remain on the up and up thanks to lots of interest from readers Oz and the US. Strange really, as this content is all coming from a market town in Oxfordshire, UK. So, I have resolved that 2015 is the year to return. There, I've said it, so no going back now. I have some ideas about rearranging the 100 or so posts into a more accessible resource.

Yesterday (New Years Day) was spent preserving some 3,000 or so green chillies, so plenty of time to reflect, contemplate and formulate plans. So on reflection, 2014 was not a year without fire and food, quite the opposite. I got a new Weber (finally!) from my lovely wife as an anniversary present last Christmas and a fabulous gas barbeque for my last birthday. Our brazier got plenty of attention also.

The last two Christmases have featured turkey roasted in the outdoor Weber, and plenty of summer meals were cooked over the brazier. The photo below was snapped with my Blackberry this Christmas, a lovely 7kg bird, and we are still getting through the leftovers.

So back to the chilli, the labels above are on there way to me from my reprographics supplier as I write, so a lovely stash of little gifts will be created. The only problem is that there are only 30 jars, so back to the market for more chillies it seems.

If any comes your way, just scroll down to the post below for plenty of information and ideas about its use. The only thing to add, is that I had hidden a jar from my family and we opened it last week after two years and it was if it had been prepared yesterday.

Happy New Year!


Mark Willis said...

Happy New Year from a reader a bit closer to home! Glad to see you back.

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Diane Baker said...

Chilies are great and flavorful; they are must-haves on any kitchen cupboard or herb supplies. A specific taste is inherent in them, and they provide that awesome kick to any dish. And wow, you preserved 3000 chilies? I can’t imagine the amount of heat in that! Thanks for sharing!

Diane Baker @ AlejRest

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