Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Festival Breakfast

Nearly a week has gone by and we have barely recovered from our four days of camping, feasting and music in Dorset last weekend. The X-Grill got yet another hammering, often for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same day.

Sad-o here even took a box of seasoned oak firewood foraged from woodland near our home. As if you don't have enough stuff to lug around when camping. Our fuel was a mix of charcoal and oak, and for cookware, my trusty paella pan and karahi dish, both perfect for open fires.

The breakfast pictured above was a hearty selection of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried eggs. The trick is not to have too large a fire. It doesn't need to last long, and needs to cool down fairly rapidly. When the bacon first went on it was searingly hot, so it cooked quickly and was then transferred to the karahi dish to keep warm with the mushies. The mushrooms started off in the karahi when it was also searingly hot. Then the tomatoes, and finally the eggs. When they were done, there was just enough glow left in the embers to toast the bread on the rack.

At the end of the weekend, the X-Grill packed away nicely into the flat box it originally came in almost a year before.

For more about the X-Grill, have a look at The X-Grill Barbeque.

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Hester Casey @ Alchemy in the Kitchen said...

Seasoned oak firewood eh? Such attention to detail. Bet it smelled lovely. Fire-grilled toast tastes so much better than toaster toast. I'm loving that X-Grill BBQ - excellent design!

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